Bottled Help

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Two more pills and another day complete. A whirlwind of medications just to stay standing on my own two feet.
A force fed mixture with only one single purpose and goal, 
Is my deadly cocktail that’s meant to commit encroachment upon my very soul.
Who am I, I don’t even quite know. Maybe just a shell of a human now with nothing left inside to bestow. 
Unrecognizable from the inside or the out, there’s no questions left, qualms or any doubts. 
The path of bottled help will keep you sane and subdued, but in the end it’s only the real you, you elude. 



One thought on “Bottled Help

    drheckleandmrjibe said:
    June 21, 2014 at 9:05 PM

    I would be dead or totally insane without my bottled help 🙂 Bipolar II here and, while the hypomania was addictive, so too are plenty of dangerous substances and other things we rightly avoid.

    I’m MORE the real me on my meds. I’m no longer hypomania or severe depression.

    All the best,


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