Time Management: Kids just don’t understand

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Is it really my daughters sole purpose in life to defy me and drive me crazy? If so, she’s doing an outstanding job, and if not, well, it definitely should be. 

Since 8 this morning my daughter’s breakfast has been sitting on her table. Just two simple poptarts. I have repeatedly asked her to sit down and eat. It is now 11 and both still remain untouched. The big problem here is that we need to leave in 15 minutes to go somewhere. We can’t be late. Since at least 10, I have been pushing the idea of eating her food and getting dressed, while seriously stressing our time issue. 

11:01, she’s eating but she’s not dressed. All the while taking bites slower than a snail and finding the smallest of things to complain about instead of trying to finish up. 

She’s 5. I suppose it’s to be expected and it’s natural but I swear she does this on purpose. Every time I put a time frame on something for her it just seems like she automatically begins to move slower. I get it, she can’t tell time, but when mommy says “we need to get ready to leave the house” I would think that would procure a bit more of reaction than none at all.

She’s spacey and has no idea how to manage time and I have no idea how to make this better. 11:06, still eating, not dressed…. We are so going to be late.